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The Pimp - Bike Wireless Speaker with Electronic Horn, Power Bank Light, and Phone Holder

The Pimp - Bike Wireless Speaker with Electronic Horn, Power Bank Light, and Phone Holder

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The Pimp - Bike Wireless Speaker with Electronic Horn, Power Bank Light, and Phone Holder

The Pimp is perfect for the tech savvy cyclist who wants to take their riding experience to the next level. The Pimp features a phone holder, Bike Wireless Speaker, bell, power bank, and front light for extra visibility. The phone holder holds your device securely, so you can keep up with directions, listen to music, and take calls on the go. The Bike Wireless Speaker allows you to turn up the tunes for a more enjoyable ride. The bell is great for alerting pedestrians and other cyclists of your presence. The power bank can charge your phone or other devices, so you never run out of juice. Finally, the front light provides extra visibility so you can stay safe on the road. The Pimp is also suitable for E-Scooters when coupled with the ScootArmada 

Product Details:
  • Mobile Phone Holder: The patented clamping mechanism ensures maximum mobile phone stability. The mobile phone will stay firmly in place even under intense or extreme cycling. Width adjustable features allow for the attachment of mobiles of 3.5 to 7 inch wide. 
  • Bike Wireless Speaker: The Pimp's Sound System has a 5W Bluetooth Bike wireless speaker equipped with a soft diaphragm that provides high-quality sound of exceptional clarity. The bike wireless speaker Bluetooth supports a variety of music inputs including TF card, U-DISK, AUX in, etc. Easily control the device using multi-functional keys. 
  • Power Bank: The Pimp has a built-in 5000mAhbattery. Connect the charging cable with the speaker in the power-ON state and use the USB port to charge your cell phone on the go. Continue to enjoy all functions of the pimp such as the bike wireless speaker as your phone charges. The battery can support 6-7 hours of continuous light and 12-15 hours of continuous music. If you’re using both lights and the bike wireless speaker, you can expect between 4-5 hours of continuous use. 
  • DOUBLE LED Front Light LIGHT: The Pimp has an LED light and flashlight which will illuminate the road for up to 50 meters ahead and can be used simultaneously with the bike wireless speaker
  • Electronic Horn: The Pimp also comes with a loud Electronic Horn with the ability to choose a variety of sounds. The sound being emitted from the loud bike wireless speaker.

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